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NB: 'sp G2' (eg Armina sp G2) refers to the numbering in Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification - Indo-Pacific by Gosliner, Valdes and Behrens for the 2015-19 galleries, and in Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs by Gosliner, Behrens and Valdes below that

Triton Bay 2019 - 150 pictures, 96 species

Lembeh 2018 - 250 pictures, 139 species

Anilao 2017 - 300 pictures, 172 species (23 new for me)

Alor 2017 - 250 pictures, 154 species (23 new)

Triton Bay 2016 - 250 pictures, 169 species (53 new)

Philippines 2016 - 300 pictures, 252 species

  Amazing Dave Berhens workshop in Anilao with over 280 species, (87 new)

Many IDs and new species for Anilao confirmed by Terry Gosliner (= sp new TG)

Philippines 2015 - 60 pictures, 40 species

Palau 2015 - 15 pictures, 10 species

 General diving trip so only 46 species, (3 new)

    Lembeh 2015 - 250 pictures, 187 species

 Overall 230 species, (about 45 new), many unidentified

    Lembeh 2013 - 250 pictures, 181 species (Dave Berhens workshop)

 Overall 216 species, (about 50 new), many unidentified

    Raja Ampat 2013 - 70 pictures, 45 species (Indo Siren: Misool, Dampier Strait)

    Ambon 2013 - 125 pictures, 58 species

Not so much nudibranch hunting as distracted by the lovely mantas and scenic reefs so only 86 species, (9 new)


    Sangeang 2012 - 150 pictures, 143 species (Cheng Ho: mainly around Sangeang, but also a day at Wainilu, Rinca and three days around Bima and north east Sumbawa)

    Bali 2012 - 150 pictures, 132 species

The total for the 2012 trip was an amazing 356 species, (145 new)

Some are shown beside a millimetre marked ruler for scale

The above trips have not been added to the databases below

## Taxonomic classification ##

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   I hope this website will be a useful reference for the many nudibranch fanatics around the world. I use the term 'nudibranch' in the layman's reference to all the animals in the Opistobranchia subclass of the phylum Mollusca, rather than restricting it to the order Nudibranchia only. Sea slugs is another all-encompassing common name.

   I was introduced to nudibranchs when I started taking macro pictures back in 1985. These pages catalogue some of the hundreds of nudibranchs I have seen and photographed in more than 4,300 hours of diving in over twenty countries. Some of these countries are not represented here due to most of the diving there being research or other work, and so I was not taking pictures for my own use.

   Indonesia 1 is from three intensive weeks in March 2004 at Lembeh Straits, N Sulawesi, along with a couple of days there in November 2007. The latter were part of a trip to N Sulawesi, based on Bunaken Island, and visiting Bangka Island as well. See Indonesia 2, which includes eight pictures from November 1994.

   Indonesia 3 is from a productive twelve day liveaboard in April 2007 to West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya). This followed an amazing week at Scuba Seraya, NE Bali, which combined with a few days there in 2005 makes Indonesia 4.

   Indonesia 5 is from three liveaboards around the Komodo, Rinca and W Flores areas in May 2005 (two weeks), December 2009 (three weeks) and June 2011 (ten days, part of a great Nudibranch Workshop with Christiane Waldrich and Dave Behrens), along with a few days in March 2000.

   Indonesia 6 is from six days continuing on the Workshop in June/July 2011 around Sangeang and Bima Bay, NE Sumbawa, along with one great dive in March 2000.

   Malaysia 1 is from three busy weeks in October 2002 at Mantanani Island, NW Sabah.

   Thailand is from four weeks in March and April 2008 at the Similan and Surin Islands, and Richelieu Rock, Andaman Sea, combined with a shorter trip in 2002.

   Philippines 1 is from two weeks in May 2009 at Anilao, Batangas and Puerto Galera, Mindoro and Philippines 2 is from over two weeks in February/March 2012 at Puerto Princesa, Palawan and Dumagete/Dauin, Negros.

   All the above sections are grouped into families.

   The other sections extend this over other areas where I have dived, including some older ones with little nudibranch hunting, to give a total of 2,530 pictures of 493 species.

   The identifications cannot be completely accurate (sometimes without dissection of samples to study the radula or teeth), but are done to the best of my abilities, with help from various websites and books, as detailed on the Links page, along with several nudibranch experts – thank you to them for their help. Some identifications have been amended by the Nudi Pixel experts.

   Please contact me if you find any errors or have any comments, or if you want any other information about these pages, or if you would like to use any of the pictures or purchase prints of them.

Anthony Holley


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