Underwater Photographic Societies

BSoUP, the largest underwater photographic society in Britain, was formed in 1967, and holds meetings in London on the third Tuesday of each month, which include illustrated talks by experienced underwater photographers and a monthly competition.

Have a look at for my Theme Portfolio called 'Cuddles', which came third in the annual BSoUP Theme Portfolio Competition. Six images projected as one, all being pairs of Indonesian nudibranchs, either cuddling or mating. (March 2006)

And for my second placed 2010 Theme Portfolio.

Photosub Photosub Underwater Photography Club
Started in 1990 by the late Len Deeley, the club is informal with a strong emphasis on improving members’ photography, providing and participating in photographic competitions, and organizing diving trips tailored to underwater photography. The social side of the club is an important element, with regular meetings/social events in members’ houses.


Underwater Photographic Equipment Suppliers

Under Water Visions

I finally succumbed to the Nauticam range at the end of 2013 with the amazing Nikon D7100. Alex at Under Water Visions supplied the housing.

Reef Photo & Video

Yes, I went fully digital in mid 2006 with the fantastic Nikon D200. Reef Photo & Video supplied my Subal housing and Ultralight strobe arms.

Alan James Photography

Previously supplier of my Ricoh Caplio RR30 digital camera and Sea & Sea DX-3000 housing in 2003, very useful for on-site ID purposes. But I still continued with the F90X film camera.

Ocean Optics

Previously supplier of my original Nikonos V camera and SB105 strobe in 1985, and Subal housings for my Nikon F90 camera and Nikon SB25 flash in 1994.

Photo Ocean Products

Ken Sullivan - previously manufacturer of the fantastic Ring Flash, which gives a very even column of light, and is ideal for nudibranchs, giving no distracting shadows around the gills or rhinophores. Used in the film days only.

Nudibranch Reference Sites

The Slug Site
A home page devoted to the study of Opisthobranch Molluscs. It is our hope that the slug site might become a way to share photos of critters new to you and new to us. This could facilitate identification of species and desemination of new range, distribution and ecological info on species around the world.
See for my Opisthobranch of the Week in 2004 (Hypselodoris sp). Along with (Hypselodoris bullocki color forms mating) and (Nembrotha sp).
New for 2016 is an undescribed yellow Okenia sp
Sea Slug Forum
This is a site where you can ask questions, post informationand find out mote about nudibranchs, bubble-shells, sea hares and side-gilled slugs. Co-ordinated by Dr Bill Rudman.
Nudi Pixel
This is a web-based identification tool for nudibranchs worldwide using photographs as the first point of identification. It is underpinned by scientific classification, and is user-friendly, designed with non-scientist users in mind.
See for my submissions - 1,229 photos, 347 species.
NB: not up to date any more.

My Nudibranch Reference Books

Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification, Indo-Pacific, by Terrence M Gosliner, Angel Valdes and David W Behrens
  Published by New World Publications, Inc
ISBN 978-1-878348-59-3
New in 2015 and now my main reference
1001 Nudibranchs, Catalogue of Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs, by Neville Coleman
Published by Neville Coleman's Underwater Geographic Pty Ltd
ISBN 0-947325-25-5
Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide, by Dr Gerald R Allen & Roger Steene
Published by Tropical Reef Research
ISBN 981-00-5687-7
Nudibranchs and Sea Snails, Indo-Pacific Field Guide, by Helmut Debelius
Published by Ikan-Unterwasserarchiv
Pacific Coast Nudibranchs, by David W Behrens
Published by Sea Challengers
ISBN 0-930118-17-0
Sea of Cortez Marine Invertebrates, by Alex Kerstitch
Published by Sea Challengers
ISBN 0-930118-14-6
Sea Slugs of Western Australia, by Fred E Wells & Clayton W Bryce
Published by Western Australian Museum
ISBN 0-7309-5523-0
Field Guide to the Nudibranchs of the British Isles, by Bernard E Picton & Christine C Morrow

Published by Immel Publishing Ltd

ISBN 1-898162-05-0

Opisthobranchs of Bali and Indonesia, by Takamasa Tonozuka

Published by Hankyu Communications Co Ltd

ISBN 4-484-03409-3

Opisthobranchs of Japan Islands, by Nakano Rie

Published by Rutles Inc

ISBN 4-89977-076-6

Opisthobranchs of Ryukyu Islands, by Ono Atsushi

Published by Rutles Inc

ISBN 4-89977-075-8

Nudibranchs of the World, by Helmut Debelius & Rudie H Kuiter

Published by Ikan-Unterwasserarchiv

ISBN 978-3-939767-06-0

Indo-Pacific Nudibranchsand Sea Slugs, by Terrence M Gosliner, David W Behrens and Angel Valdes
Published by Sea Challengers
ISBN 978-0-9700574-3-3

All text and photographs are copyrighted

1985 - 2017 Anthony Holley

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